Makerhood and The Open Works came together with a community project which was called Rock Paper Scissors London!

A group of people from various walks of life that loved, Art, Design, and handmade Crafts who hope to learn and sell their work in highstreet shops.

The Open Works was a Lambeth Council project where they helped people set up their own projects from The Stitch (craft group), Bzz Garage (Bee friendly community gardening), Trade School (free skill sharing), Public Office (for freelancers!), Library of Things and many more.

The Open Works has now come to an end after their year long project but all the groups are still going and you can join them anytime or even pop in to visit 🙂

The Cooperative Council

For the last three years Lambeth Council has been the Cooperative Council.

The aim of the Cooperative Council is to forge a new relationship with citizens, placing local residents at the heart of all its work to make Lambeth a good place to live.

Staff across the council have been converting the principles of the Cooperative Council into practice, from large scale policy changes … through to smaller mechanisms that make the council function well.

An important part of Coop Council fulfilling its ambitions, is to make significant improvements in how local residents can prosper in their everyday lives.  We believe that in order to build a sustainable future for our communities – socially, economically and environmentally – we need to go much further than efficient services.

The Open Works Lambeth council Community Project Start ups

Photographs from L’Arche West Norwood Launch day


Rock paper Scissors - a maker collective.



Members of The Stitch and Rock Paper Scissors love the space that L’Arche have loaned to use and we endeavor to help with their workshops and any other needs that might arise and we hope to continue as we love it! 🙂

L'Arche London UK

L’Arche Facebook Page and their Twitter feed

We also help to sell L’Arche’s own workshop Candles, handmade cards, decorations (seasonal), plant pots and more so come and visit to check out their work – images below are just a small sample.


Some more fab candles handmade by the workshop members at L'Arch
RPS 1 Phase 2 at L'Arche 2015


RPS 1 Phase 2 at L'Arche 2015


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