Agnes (RPS member) and Paul (L’Arche staff) started early on Saturday – I turned up several hours late as neighbours decided to have a rave 🙁

They removed all the stock left in the shop and dismantling shelves… so many staples in everything… when I finally arrived I pulled out a few staples as Agnes was hanging from the ceiling removing several hundred of the things but I really didn’t do much, just watched really.

On Monday I did manage to remove several more hundred from the shelves and I think I missed some… still found more on the window area on Tuesday… seriously… someone needs banning from the staple gun. I understand, I really do, I would love a staple gun!

I’ve received reports today that the painting is now done and we are just waiting for fitted shelving to be organised, cut and fixed before they get painted… plus the inside window could be removed soon – fingers crossed as I think that will help transform the small shop.




I doubt Saturday will have any decorating done as it’s L’Arche Garden Open Day 12-5pm and L’Arche staff will be busy – a few RPS members plan to go and Elaine (Bunting & Pops) husband will be there with his band, I will also be going as I want to take photos! (Lenny – RunnyCustard) – The Stitch session will be held in the workshops so there’s plenty to see this weekend!




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