What a Weekend…

L’Arche and RPS have the Art Trail and the Christmas Fayre – You really have no where else that is more important than coming to L’Arche in West Norwood – the shop next to St Luke’s and their lovely big garden

(Gothic House – Idmiston Road).

see below for some sneak peaks of the Art Work that will be on show & available to buy!

 SE Art Trail – Saturday 21st November

SE Art Trail 21 November SE19 SE20 SE25 & SE27 London

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L’Arche staff and members taking part in the Art Trail…

Flo Anson – co-ordinator of L’Arche concerts and plays

Has worked at L’Arche London for 16 yrs.
Doing dance drama costume making theatre and music sessions.
Always loved Art and crafts.
Lately started painting again as she had to stop ballet which is her other passion in life.

Flo Anson Painting

Kevin Malcolm

Kevin lives and works at L’Arche London.  He is a non verbal adult with learning disabilities.  He loves nature and particularly birds. He uses visual arts as a medium for communication.

Kevin - L'Arche Member Artwork -Wild Flowers on Black.


Kevin-Artwork-2015 Kevin-Larche-artwork

Derek Williams

Derek Williams live and works at L’Arche London.  He is a non verbal adult with learning disabilities who expresses himself through visual art in an abstract way.


recently had an exhibition at L’Arche:


A video posted by @charizagallery on


Derek Williams; Exhibition at The Garden West Norwood London

Derek Williams; Exhibition at The Garden West Norwood London


Oussama Touma – L’Arche Staff

sorry – not sent examples so you will have to attend to see her wonderful work :-)


Rock Paper Scissor members taking part…

Anthony Hodges – Artist

Originally from the northern port of Whitby, Anthony Hodgson has lived in West Norwood, south London since 2002. As an artist, he works mostly in inks and pastels, producing Gothic, Religious and Figurative art. He is inspired by the conflicts within our existence: light, dark; life, death; imprisonment, freedom and the relationships between them. Anthony is also a musician and poet.




Anthony Hodges Anthony Hodges

Agnès Baumont/The Right Stuff Vintage

Limited edition digital prints

Mid-century graphic designer, art lovers and curious collectors who have lived and journeyed across four continents discovering visually fascinating objets d’art, craft, ephemera and tastes.

Our raison d’être is to ‘revive, share, inspire’ giving beautiful often ignored artifacts a new beginning.

This selection of limited edition prints is part of an on-going series of images influenced by obscure ‘street art’ from our travels, which have been digitally re-worked to capture the vibrance, texture and energy of those places.


  • Agnès Baumont
    Agnès Baumont
    Art, Brooches and Glassware
Agnès Baumont
Art, Brooches and Glassware

    Agnès Baumont/The Right Stuff Vintage.

    French born mid-century graphic designer, mother of two, art lover and curious collector. Lived in three continents discovering visually fascinating objets d’art, craft, ephemera and tastes. My raison d’être is to ‘revive, share, inspire’ giving beautiful often ignored artefacts a new beginning.


    Agnes Baumont Framed Art




    Bill Hull

    Photography + Art + Freelance + Design

    Photographic prints and greeting cards, local, London and England, architecture/icons, cityscapes, parks/common land, landscapes, sea/river waterscapes.

    I love working with light to produce images that stick in the mind.

    Freelance Photographer www.billhullphotography.com

    Greeting Cards www.justlocalcards.co.uk

    Prints, cards, cushions, iPhone cases, tote bags, etc.www.pixels.com/art/all/bill+hull/all


    • Bill Hull
      Bill Hull
      Freelance Photographer & Visual Designer
    Bill Hull
    Freelance Photographer & Visual Designer

      When I started in photography, large format plate and rostrum sheet film cameras were normal in studios. I processed and printed (darkroom work) with such formats, in my personal and freelance work I’ve used 35mm SLR’s and large format 6×6 cm twin-lens film cameras. I am familiar with both old and new techniques. Manipulation and enhancement in the past was completed in darkrooms and or as screen prints, but nowadays I use DSLR’s and digital applications, such as Adobe’s Creative Suite – PhotoShop, Illustrator; Lightroom, Affinity – Photo/Design, etc.

      For more than forty years, I have been working as a photographer in London, England, a location that is reflected in my work. I try to capture my part of the world as I observe it and sometimes play with the results (retouch, enhance and manipulate images). I presently sell my work as prints (enlargements) and greetings cards to local businesses including, for example, giftware shops, florists, bookshops and art framers in London at locations of Clapham, Dulwich, Herne Hill and Brixton together with distribution throughout the UK and internationally to offices and homes in the USA and Australia.

      Speciality work includes

      • Product placement studio pack-shots (still-life); studio location food photography/videos; studio location portraits
      • Public relations (PR)
      • Digital image manipulation; processing; retouching; enhancements
      • Teaching photography
      • Land/City/Sea and Waterscapes

      Other skills

      • Typography;
      • DTP/design & scanning;
      • Information technology on Macs
      • Screen printing
      • Pre/post-production video camera & editing

      In my work as a commercial freelance food photographer/video cameraman, I contributed to the publishers Thomson and Cengage, for their Professional Chef and Food & Beverage Services range of books and online videos. I have also taught photography and darkroom skills to others, running courses that demystify photography and simplifying the developing process to all ages and abilities.

      Bill Hull Photography

      Bill Hull Photography

      Janet Rich 

      Paintings – Mosaics – Workshops 

      Janet takes her inspiration from the natural world. Her abstract paintings are a reflection of this. Each one unique, they pulse to a rhythmic, intuitive and felt sense. She aims to cultivate this energy and spirit in her workshops and groups, where process and fun are more important than the finished object.

      Original brightly coloured, hand painted images in gouache on paper in wooden frame. Mosaic tiles decorated with buttons, beads and various colourful, interesting bits and pieces.

      Other works include A4 framed prints of charcoal, ink, pastel drawings and photos. As well as producing her own work Janet is an artist/therapist supporting individuals and groups to find their creativity using a variety of media and techniques.

      Janet Rich Intuitive Painting Janet Rich Sea Gouache painting



      Beth Manderand Clare Haward were invited to Croydon Radio to talk about the SE Art Trail on Janet Smiths Arts Programme yesterday!

      Here is the podcast link and our interview is 35 minutes in…. http://croydonradio.com/upl…/podcast/2015-11-15-14-00-27.mp3

      You can find printed maps in local libraries, coffee shops and other local venues. (click image to visit the main Facebook page)

      Art Trail map - SE London

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