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Have you seen the strange little creatures at L’Arche lately?

Small, medium and large, strange and cute.

Furry Badges

This little got adopted but there is another eager to find a new playmate

Furry Cat with a needle felted spotted tail

I’m not even sure what this is… any ideas?

Furry Droplet

Felt 'Cats in Pants' Superpants!

This little one has a new home but I’ve heard that there are more coming soon…

Iya Creature - felt and needle felting details


Visit RunnyCustard Makes to see more characters and creatures.

Lenny – RunnyCustard is more known for her photographic related items, framed, unframed, jewellery featuring her photography and textiles.

  • Lenny Carter – RunnyCustard
    Lenny Carter – RunnyCustard
    Photographer, Designer - Art, Textiles & Plush
Lenny Carter – RunnyCustard
Photographer, Designer - Art, Textiles & Plush

    I’m a freelance Photographer, Retoucher and Designer living in London. I’m also known to dabble in Surface Pattern Design, Arts & Crafts and even Stop Motion Puppets!

    Skills and Experience

    • Website Creation & Social Media Platform set up for small business, individuals and Artists/Makers
    • Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and more.
    • Professional level Photographer.
    • Experience in pattern design, comics, stop motion animation, DTP, typesetting, darkroom print/processing & some film editing.

    I’ve got involved with Rock Paper Scissors group through Makerhood Lambeth who help to teach, support and promote local makers and/or people who wish to start their own business.

    I also co-host ‘The Stitch’, helping new makers in learning new skills in sewing, up-cycling, mending existing clothing and other creative textile projects. Also, assisting with the group’s creator with website creation and social media promotion: including: photography, editing and other technical issues.

    I’m also helping a traditional painter with their photographic and artwork archive, training in software/database and the creation of greeting cards and other products to feature in an Art / Photo Book creation.

    Please visit my main website at RunnyCustard and if you see any work that you are interested in then please contact me and I’m more than happy to help!

    I also licence through Arcangel Images and ‘Works In Print’ offer a corporate service to install my Art in Offices in London and surrounding areas.



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